Swimming Pools

The swimming pools are open from 7:00am to 9:00pm.

There are two salt-water swimming pools, one in each circuit of the complex. No matter where in the complex you live, a pool isn't far!

Main swimming pool

The main pool area in Circuit 1 also contains the spa (on the right in the photo), which is under cover. The spa is kept cooler in summer and warm in winter. This is a year-round area with areas of shade in the summer. 

A shallow children's pool sits beside the main pool (on the left in the photo).  The gym, sauna and community meeting room are also in this main swimming pool area.

Plenty of deck chairs to laze around in or sit at one of several tables.

This pool also includes a lovely under-cover BBQ area, which can be booked at the office. 

The waters are clean, clear and inviting. 







The second pool is in Circuit 2 of the complex. A slightly smaller pool, it has a lovely waterfall feature and the same inviting, sparkling, clear waters. 

Deck chairs line the very clean, well-kept surrounds and provide another recreation area to relax and unwind.